Electro-Explosive Devices Analyzer EDA

Electro-Explosive Devices Analyzer <br />EDA

The EDA (Electro-Explosive Devices Analyzer) is a measuring and control unit used for the ignition and measurement of the pressure profile of a burning sample of energetic materials-usually in a closed vessel. The EDA allows for the precise adjustment of ignition current level and time. Maximum pressure, burning time, ignition delay time, current and voltage level, pressure gradient, pressure rise time and/or the burning rate may be recorded and evaluated.



The EDA is the perfect device for quality control, safety testing, research and development of energetic materials. The EDA is commonly found in the testing of electric initiators like squibs, fuses, etc. The determination of ballistic properties of small-caliber gun powders can also be conducted. The explosive and automotive industry, research and development and quality control laboratories around the world rely on the EDA for its precision and reliability.



  • Precise adjustment and recording of current pulse parameters
  • Recording and evaluation of pressure/time dependence
  • Simple operation and evaluation of results

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