Rocket Motor Ballistic Measurement RMM

Rocket Motor Ballistic Measurement <br /> RMM

The RMM (Rocket Motor Ballistic Measurement) is designed for the measurement of thrust and pressure profiles of solid propellant rocket motors (mounted on stand) during static testing.



The RMM is ideal for the research and development of new propellants, rocket motors and pyro-cartridges. The RMM is also an excellent tool for the verification of results obtained by both the Strand Burner test and/or the STOJAN VESSEL test. Ever adaptable the RMM is also employed for quality control and the assessment of rocket motors’ service lives.. RMM can be also used for measurement of different types of closed vessels, pyro-cartridges for aircraft ejection systems, etc.



  • Robust pressure and thrust measurement with time – Pressure up to 100 MPa Thrust up to 1000 kN
  • Electrical ignition unit – safety switch, ignition current pulse
  • Simple operation and evaluation of results – measurement and evaluation software
  • Tailored modifications upon client’s request (adapters, evaluation, data sheet, etc)

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