Stojan Vessel SV-2

Stojan Vessel SV-2 Stojan Vessel SV-2 Stojan Vessel SV-2 Stojan Vessel SV-2 Stojan Vessel SV-2

The SV-2 (Stojan Vessel) is used for the effective measuring of the pressure dependencies of the burning rate of solid rocket propellants. The SV-2 test is a a single shot experiment saving lab time and material expense. A single shot is sufficient for plotting burning rates in the whole pressure range. Samples are similar to that of a Subscale Rocket Motor. The SV-2 is also adept at the testing of propellants at constant volume conditions of up to 50 MPa. The SV-2 is a simple-to-use instrument capable of fully replacing the old complicated Strand Burner equipment.


The SV-2 is used for research and development and the production control of solid rocket propellants. Typically, the influence of components (catalysts, energetic additives etc.), homogeneity, initial temperature, etc. can be observed in the burning rate profile. The determination of the burning rate of solid rocket propellants is usually carried out in a Strand Burner or in a sub-scale rocket motor at constant pressures. With a Strand Burner, about 10 individual shots are necessary to get the required burning rate plot in the whole pressure range while using very complicated and expensive instrumentation. In the SV-2 the sample is burnt in a constant-volume vessel while the pressure profile is measured. An advanced mathematical procedure based on the most modern computational and ballistic procedures is then applied to calculate the pressure dependency on the burning rate from the single shot experimental data. Such mathematical procedures have proved to be in a correlation with experimental results of multiple-shot measurements using the Strand Burner (Crawford Bomb) or a sub-scale rocket motor (as TRM35). OZM Research™ can readily supply all equipment and procedures for sample preparation and conditioning for both the SV-2 and the TRM-35 instruments (hydraulic press, pressing tools, molds for casting, cutting machines, cutting tools, temperature and climatic chambers, etc).



  • Quick assessment of burning rate of new or modified rocket propellant formulations for testing, research and development
  • Laboratory sub-scale rocket motor available for validation of measurement

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