Explosion Chambers For GAS And DUSTS

Explosion chambers are used for the measurement of the basic explosion characteristic of flammable dusts, gases and vapors. The characteristics measured are the maximum explosion pressure, the maximum rate of pressure rise, the lower and upper explosibility limits and limiting oxygen concentrations.

Explosion chamber


Two sizes of explosion chambers are mandated by international standards for dust explosion testing– 1 m3 (our CA 1M3) and 20 l (our CA 20L). For gas and vapor samples which require a volume

larger than 5 l the CA 20L is recommended. Testing methods using the CA 1M3 and the CA 20L are an essential part of a standard set of tests used by certified bodies, Universities and other research organizations to characterize dust, gas and vapors. Design of mitigating and protective measures such as explosion venting devices, automatic suppression or partial inerting, without knowledge of these explosion parameters is unimaginable.






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