Dust Layer Ignition Temperature Tester

The LIT 400 (Dust Layer Ignition Temperature Tester) is intended for the determination of the minimum temperature of a hot surface leading to the degradation or ignition of dust layers of a defined thickness.



Spontaneous dusty layer ignition is a great fear in any industry where unwanted dust particles are accumulated. Knowing the minimum temperature a hot surface must be to ignite a dust layer provides important information for the prevention of fires in proces industries. The LIT 400 detects the thermal resistance of occurring dust to thermal stress.

Potentially dangerous areas of possible dust ignition in manufacturing plants (with surface temperature increases) are identified during risk analysis continuing with assessing the level of risk generated by ignition of dust.

Preventive measures against the ignition are then able to be identified and taken.






• EN 50281-2-1 Methods of determining minimum ignition temperature

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