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MBPLaboratory for energetic materials preparation and testing


Energetic materials cover wide range of compounds and their mixtures that are frequently tested for their power, safety and stability parameters. OZM Research proudly presents it’s unique system of instruments, that allow facilities to test all kinds of energetic materials for their properties. Energetic materials could be divided to 3 main parts:

  1. Primary Explosives and Pyrotechnical Compositions
  2. Secondary Explosives and Industrial Explosives
  3. Propellants

For each branch OZM Research offers unique system of carefully selected instrument that allow to test all kind of parameters that are in range of interest. Offered collection is especially recommended for universities, research institutes and manufactures.


Primary Explosives, Pyrotechnical Compositions

For this kind of energetic materials OZM Research offers laboratories for preparation, handling and sensitivity testing. Instruments for power parameters characterization are very rarely used because of sensitivity to impact, friction and spark. Laboratories must be equipped with special tools allowing to handle such sensitive material such as plastic chemical ware, specially modified laboratory furniture, sensitivity testing instruments etc. All things mentioned can be offered by OZM Research.


Secondary Explosives and Industrial Explosives

Secondary and industrial explosives plays main role in energetic materials manufacturation. OZM Research is specialized in high-end instruments design and manufacturation according to wide range of standards. The OZM Research instruments are mainly focused on power, safety and stability testing of secondary explosives, but suitable laboratories for such kind of testing and small scale preparation can be offered as well. Nowadays is OZM Research capable to cover almost all common testing method all around the world.



Propellants are one of the most important parts in almost all military applications. Our experts are capable to create mixtures of carefully chosen instruments that is usable for full power and stability characterization of propellants and laboratory for small scale preparation can be offered as well.

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