Brisance By Kast

Brisance By Kast Brisance By Kast

The brisance of an explosive is determined on the basis of the compression of a copper cylinder (crusher) under the action of the shock wave originated by the detonation of a tested explosive charge.

The brisance may be expressed either directly via the deformation of the lead cylinder (Brisance by Hess) or as a relative brisance in relation to a reference explosive.

A copper crusher cylinder is placed on a massive steel base under steel piston. A thick lead disc and head are placed on the top of pestle. The lead disc serves for the shock wave pressure attenuation.

The tested explosive charge is inserted to plastic or steel thin-walled tube placed onto the lead protection discs. The detonator can be placed directly into explosive charge. In case of testing low sensitive samples using of booster is recommended.

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