Bubble Test

Bubble Test


Underwater blast (i.e. Bubble, Aquarium) test is widely used to measure explosive energy. UWB test is based on evaluation of parameters of pressure wave generated by underwater detonation. It is one of the few methods for determination of energy of explosives with large critical diameter such as AN based explosives.



The UWB measurement system offers determination of pressure wave parameters generated by underwater explosion. The instrument is specifically designed for estimation of explosives work ability when Trauzl and Ballistic Mortar methods cannot be used, like in the case on industrial explosives. Underwater explosion test gives more reliable results compared to other methods for determining the ability to perform the mechanical work and allow the user to calculate value of explosive absolute energy.


System consists from three parts:

  1. Water resistant pressure sensor and leading cables
  2. Signal conditioning and data acquisition unit
  3. Unit and software for data evaluation



  • Precise measurement and evaluation of crucial explosion parameters
  • Durable, simple and user friendly equipment for field measurement
  • User-friendly software for system operation, data recording and evaluation
  • Graphical output of measured data in formats suitable for spreadsheet and database editors
  • Low cost operating expenses

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