OPTIMEX 64 Advanced Optical Analyzer of Explosive Processes is a scientific instrument which uses multiple fiber optic probes to record light intensity profiles generated by explosives. It is useful for determination of various detonation parameters of any kinds of explosive materials. OPTIMEX 64 contains the same optoelectronic acquisition system as is used in OPTIMEX 8 and allows to use as much as 64 optical probes. The number of probes can be selected according to the actual needs. The optical probes principally provide full resistance against humidity and electromagnetic disturbances which allows the instrument to be used together with any other instrumentation.



OPTIMEX 64 is primarily intended for tracking detonation or nonreactive shock propagation in research and development of energetic materials or ammunition. OPTIMEX 64 records full light intensity-time profiles generated at specific places within an explosive charge. With high number of fiber probes, the instrument’s capability resembles those of high speed streak cameras.

The OPTIMEX 64 tasks may also include detonation wave curvature measurements, shock to detonation transition studies and even wall displacement measurement in cylinder expansion testing.



  • Up to 64 plastic or glass optical probes selected according to client’s applications
  • Full light intensity-time profiles available
  • Compact tabletop design
  • Automatic or manual data evaluation
  • LCD touch screen display
  • Optional wireless control



  • EN 13631-14 Explosives for Civil Uses – High explosives, Part 14: Determination of Velocity of Detonation

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