OPTIMEX 8 Optical Analyzer of Explosive Processes is a multirole instrument which uses a series of fiber optic probes to record light intensity signals generated by explosives. Its primary use is detonation velocity measurement in any kinds of energetic materials. OPTIMEX 8 presents next generation of VOD-815 device with completely redesigned optoelectronic acquisition system and advanced data evaluation features based on extensive research of explosives’ light output. The optic probes principally provide full resistance against straight currents and electromagnetic disturbances.



OPTIMEX 8 is primarily designed for measurements of detonation velocity of energetic materials in industrial, educational or engineering applications. OPTIMEX 8 records full light intensity-time profiles at specific places within an explosive charge. Analysis of light emission profiles makes evaluation of such signals robust and reliable for all existing samples including non-ideal explosives. Explosive’s translucency, low light emissivity and afterburning will no longer spoil the measurement results. The OPTIMEX 8 can also be used to measure detonation wave curvature and non-reactive shock velocity.



  • 8 optical probes selected according to customer’s application (plastic or glass fibers)
  • Full light intensity-time profiles available
  • Automatic data evaluation with limited manual corrections
  • Battery charged instrument equipped with internal memory
  • LCD touch screen display • Optional wireless control



  • EN 13631-14 Explosives for Civil Uses – High explosives, Part 14: Determination of Velocity of Detonation

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