The PREWAQ is able to measure the pressure wave parameters generated by any kind of explosion.


The PREWAQ (Pressure Wave Analyzer and Quantifier) is used for the measurement and evaluation of pressure wave parameters via selected sensor system.
The system is designed for the measurement of various explosion parameters such as air blast overpressure and impulse, heat radiation temperature, light intensity and detonation velocity. The PREWAQ is quite portable, simple-to-use and its design fulfills both lab and field testing (open sky) requirements.

The PREWAQ is a necessity for research and development as well as many other industrial applications.

The PREWAQ consists of a data logger unit, a laptop for data evaluation and a set of sensors and leading cables. The data logger unit is covered in a rugged case intended for field use. All

the measurements (type, speed and maximum measured values) are recorded by the PREWAQ. Holding stands for the PREWAQ are available on request. Two models of the PREWAQ are available: the PREWAQ DT for the measurement of fast detonation driven phenomena; and the PREWAQ DF for the measurement of slow deflagration driven events.



  • Standard measurement on either 4 or 8 input channels according to user needs
  • Standard measurement rate from 3 Ms/s/channel up to 25 Ms/s/ channel
  • Simultaneous measurement of various parameters
  • Rigid, protective transport case
  • Graphic output of measured data
  • User-friendly software for operation, data recording and evaluation
  • Customizable design depending on client’s needs
  • Holding stands for the PREWAQ are available on request

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