Small Scale GAP Test

Small Scale GAP Test

SMALL SCALE GAP TEST apparatus is designed and used to determinate sensitivity of energetic material to shock wave. The tested explosive is subjected to the action of the shock wave of a known pressure generated from donor charge. Between donor and acceptor charges is water gap that determinate value of shock wave pressure. Successful detonation of determined sample is detected by witness plate.



A shock wave, which can be generated in various ways in an explosive, frequently serves as a tool for the initiation of explosives. The SMALL SCALE GAP TEST enables the determination of the minimum shock wave pressure that can cause complete detonation of the tested explosive which have critical diameter higher than 21 mm.

SMALL SCALE GAP TEST apparatus is designed to comply with requirements of the following standards of testing: STANAG 4488PCS (Ed. 1) EXPLOSIVES, SHOCK SENSITIVITY TESTS.



  • STANAG 4488

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