pressure measurement

pressure measurement

Piezoelectric PVDF Pressure Gauge series M60

  • Fast sensors for pressure measurements in gaseous and liquid medium.
  • State of the art device for measuring high frequency pressure changes with rise intervals of only a few nanoseconds in gases and liquids.
  • Recommended for measurement of the blast waves or shock waves in shock tube experiments.
  • Relatively vibration-free.
  • Except for M60-1L, all sensor elements are protected by a thin elastic resin.
  • The M60-3 model is the ideal choice for shock tube experiments. The M60-1 model, with rise intervals of about 40 ns, is the right choice for blast wave measurements.

Müller-Platte Needle Probe

  • “Gold Standard” for water shock wave measurements for the past 25 years.
  • Measurements of low energy water shock waves for developing kidney stone lithotripter and focusing ultrasound waves.
  • Special micro gauge based on PVDF is designed for high-energy ultrasound measurements as well as for recording blast waves in water up to 1.5 kbar.
  • The half spherical head, small sensitive diameter (less than 0.5 mm) and very short rise interval of about 50 ns makes the Müller-Platte Needle Probe the ideal device for distribution measurements in focal regions of ultrasonic transducers or e.g. kidney stone lithotripters.
  • Other applications include measurements of laser generated shock waves, cavitations effects and applications in medical and military research.

Pressure Sensitive Film - Fuji Prescale Film

  • Can be used in almost  all sorts of measurements of surface pressure, or simply to show the pressure distribution.
  • The films may be used both in air and in water.
  • The tests usually have two different objectives: to check the uniformity of surface pressure or measure the pressure at dedicated points.
  • The measurement method is quite simple: the films are placed between the components to be measured. After loading, a red imprint of the image will appear on the film. Surface pressure is measured by the intensity of the colour.
  • These films can also be used for high dynamic processes with pressure pulses in the range of microseconds.
  • A complete shock wave distribution in a kidney stone lithotripter has been measured with these films.
  • Together with, for example a Schlierenoptic, you get a 3-dimensional impression of the complete pressure field.
  • Further dynamic applications could be hits of cavitations bubble liquid jets or to measure the shock wave location on an aircraft wing.
  • The following list provides only a preliminary overview of the versatility of the films and helps to identify similarities to specific static measurements:
    • The film can be used to check the right pressure distribution for a cylinder gasket on the engine cylinder head.
    • Pressure distribution between pressed surfaces, valves, gears, pumps, hydraulic cylinders for the design of seals, gaskets or to verify the machine assembly
    • Pressure distribution under heavy equipment and supports or the test of tyre profiles
    • Pressure contacts and pressure patterns on brakes, clutches, injection moulds, roll pressure or rollers in print machines
    • Impact pressure on fracture testing of packaging
    • Medical applications for the determination of footprints, or pressure distributions on the seat in wheelchairs
    • In sports, pressure measurement at the starting block and on running feet

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