temperature and heat flux measurements

temperature and heat flux measurements

Coaxial Thermocouple MCT

  • High frequency measurement for heat flux determination adaptable to any surface shapes.
  • Invented at the University of Aachen for measurement of high frequency surface temperature changes during hypersonic wind tunnel experiments with the European space shuttle Hermes.
  • Convective heat flux is deduced from the signal of the surface temperature.
  • The probe is to be viewed as a half infinite body. The sensor measures the temperature changes on the surface of the model.
  • Heat flux can be calculated with knowledge of the wall material.
  • The probe is small enough to be mounted on a wing tip and can be grinded to adapt to the shape of the surface.
  • The metallic dust gives the contact between the two metals. Alternatively the conjunction can be reached by a vacuum disposition of a metal coating, but with the disadvantage of a fixed geometry.
  • Fast response time of only µs.
  • Can be used for all cases where fast surface temperature measurements are required:
    • in engines
    • in jet turbine engines etc. without disturbance of the stream.
  • Recommended for harsh environmental conditions or high heat fluxes.

Thermocouple with Increased Sensitivity MTIS

  • Coaxial thermocouple of TIS type with highest sensitivity - thermocouple with increased sensitivity.
  • Superior sensitivity of about 180 µV/K compared to standard thermocouples - threefold higher sensitivity than for the typical type E probe.
  • The thermocouple is a standard setup consisting of an outer sheath of 4 mm diameter and 150 mm length with a ceramic plug at its end.
  • Other plugs are possible if required.
  • The sensitive area is at the tip of the bar. The high sensitivity of this thermal element results in a superior signal-to-noise ratio which reduces the costs for amplifiers or to measure precisely small temperature changes in a wide range of temperatures.
  • The maximum working temperature of the thermocouple amounts to 1000 °C.

Thin Film Thermometer MTFT

  • Measurement of highly transient temperatures.
  • Consist on a ceramic substrate of zirconium oxide on which a thin film of nickel is deposited.
  • Magnitude more sensitive than the offered thermocouples.
  • Temperature changes of only 0.1 K can be measured.
  • Measurement of static to high transient surface temperatures with response times in the range of microseconds.
  • The Thin Film Thermometer is recommended for measurements in clean conditions and moderate heat fluxes.

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