Laboratory detonation chambers KV150, KV250

KV-Detonation-ChamberLaboratory detonation chambers allow to safely carry out detonation experiments directly inside explosives laboratories. They can be used for scientific investigations, research, development and testing in the area of energetic materials, confined explosions and related applications such as explosive forming of metals or safe disposal of laboratory explosive wastes.

Laboratory detonation chambers are designed to withstand repeated detonations of up to 250 g TNT. The explosive charges are installed on a working table inside the chambers (KV-series) or hanged through the top lid (LDC-series) and safely fired by electric detonators connected to firing contacts. Gas-tight valves on the chamber body enable creating different gas atmospheres within the chamber, as well as sampling, evacuation and flushing of the post-explosion gases. The chambers are furthermore equipped with multiple ports, which can be used for installing various optical or electrical measuring instruments for investigations of the detonation processes.

Several full-scale performance and sensitivity tests can be safely executed inside the chambers such as measurement of detonation velocity, pressure-time and temperature-time records of confined explosions, brisance and explosive power tests (Hess, Kast, PDT, Trauzl), high-speed optical and X-ray photography, gap tests, cookoff tests, electrostatic discharge sensitivity tests, large-scale thermal stability tests etc.

Laboratory Detonation Chamber


Autonomous system for cleaning off-gases from experiments in detonation chambers and ballistic vessels before their releasing to the outside air, for the environmental protection and occupational hygiene.

Four-step gas filtration process involving:

PAS design was proven in industrial operations at multiple installations since 2003 for serial disposal of ammunition elements with heavy metal content. Filtration effectiveness (>99.9% for heavy metals, >95% for acid gases) proven by repeated emission control tests by independent accredited laboratories. Fully automatic operation without direct presence of the operators. Containerized version available, built-in a 20´HC shipping container.

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