BAM Fall Hammer BFH-12A

BAM Fall Hammer <br />BFH-12A BAM Fall Hammer <br />BFH-12A BAM Fall Hammer <br />BFH-12A

The BAM Fall Hammer (also known as BAM Impact Tester or Drop Hammer) is designed to determine the sensitivity of high explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and primary explosives to the impact stimuli of a fallen drop weight in accordance with the BAM procedure.

The BFH-12A is equipped with an automated lifting mechanism for remote controlled positioning, dropping and collection of the drop weight. The BFH-12A boasts a unique Drop Weight Exchange Window for safer, quicker and more convenient exchanges of the drop weights.


The sensitivity to impact stimuli is one of the most important characteristics of energetic materials defining their safety in handling, processing or transportation. Its determination is a necessary part of characterization of new explosives, modified formulations or manufacturing conditions, as well as for defining influences of impurities or ageing. It is also used in quality control of manufactured explosives, surveillance of in-service explosives and transport/storage classification of explosive materials.


  • Unique Drop Weight Exchange Window for safer, quicker and more convenient exchange of Drop Weights
  • Automated Lifting Mechanism remotely operates positioning, fall and collection of Drop Weight
  • Protective Housing
  • Wide range of impact energies from 0.25 J to 100 J
  • Six Drop Weights from 0.25 kg to 10 kg
  • Drop Weights furnished with Brass Grooves for reduced of sliding friction
  • Both Electromagnetic or Pneumatic Releasing Devices for remotely controlled Drop Weight fall
  • File Plates as alternative consumables
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Premium quality consumables at cost efficient prices


  • UN Recommendation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria - Test 3 (a) (ii)
  • EN 13631-4: 2002 Explosives for Civil Uses – High Explosives – Part 4: Determination of Sensitiveness to Impact of Explosives
  • European Commission Directive 92/69/EEC, Method A14: Explosive Properties
  • GB/T 21567-2008: Dangerous goods - Test method for impact sensitivity of explosives substance
  • „further Standards Compliance upon request“


Other available versions of Impact Testers:

  • Improved BAM Fall Hammer (Impact Tester) BFH-12 equipped with Drop Weight Exchange Window
  • Standard BAM Fall Hammer BFH-10
  • Small BAM Fall Hammer BFH-PEx designed for testing highly sensitive substances

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