Electrostatic Discharge Generator ESDEX 25

Electrostatic Discharge Generator <br />ESDEX 25 Electrostatic Discharge Generator <br />ESDEX 25

The ESDEX 25 (Electrostatic Discharge Generator for Testing of Electro-Explosive Devices) is designed for the determination of the sensitivity of Electro-Explosive Devices (EED) such as detonators, fuzes, ignitors, squibs, munition elements and other items sensitive to a high voltage electrostatic discharge.

The ESDEX-25 is capable of either single or consecutive repeated discharges and has a built in set of changeable capacitors and resistors.


Any energetic materials containing elements possess a certain level of risk when subjected to an electrostatic Discharge (ESD). An ESD into an electric initiator or other such explosive device functioning by electric energy is one of the most frequent causes of inadvertent

activation of the EED. ESDEX 25 is designed for the measurement of an EED’s immunity to ESD. The ESDEX 25 is used to verify the ESD protection of various devices. Additionally, in some specific

cases the ESDEX-25 can determine if a device is not vulnerable to ESD energy. The ESDEX 25 is a necessity in the world of Electro-Explosive Devices.


  • Operation mode capable of generating a human body equivalent discharge
  • Remote control using optical communication for safe testing distances during operation
  • Variable setting of discharge parameters and energy via the combination of external HV resistors and capacitors
  • Simple reversion of the electrical polarity of the high voltage output possible


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