Minimum Burning Pressure MBP

Minimum Burning Pressure MBP Minimum Burning Pressure MBP

The MBP (Minimum Burning Pressure) is used for the determination of the minimum burning pressure of emulsion explosives ignited by a hot wire in a closed vessel under high pressure conditions. The pressure and temperature of the sample are recorded. The MBP is a completely new high-end approach; it was developed by OZM Research™ in collaboration with CERL (Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory).


It has been found that most of the accidents happened during pumping, manufacturing and transporting of emulsion explosives when the materials were subjected to increased pressure and temperature. The determination of the minimum burning pressure has therefore become one of the most important safety characteristics of emulsion explosives.
The MBP is primarily designed for the testing of emulsion explosives during both their development and industrial preparation.



  • Precise determination of maximum pressure value for safe pumping. Small testing trials can provide useful information about the emulsion explosive’s safe pumping pressure. Precise current power supply for thermal ignition of sample by constant current impulse.
  • Certified closed vessel from noncorrosive material
  • Working pressure 500 bar (with remotely controlled pressure manifold)
  • Measurement of time-to-decomposition, terminal pressure of decomposition and decomposition rate
  • Easy to handle, one-box design with simple connectivity and user-friendly software for data processing
  • Precise maintenance of vessel overpressure

Additional equipment and consultation for the development andtesting of emulsion explosives is available on request.

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