Small-scale electrostatic spark X SPARK 10

Small-scale electrostatic spark <br />X SPARK 10 Small-scale electrostatic spark <br />X SPARK 10

The X SPARK 10 is the newest generation of universal testing instrumentation (stemming from the ESD 2008A) designed for the precise measurement of the initiation of energy (sensitivity to electrostatic spark) of energetic materials. It is designed for the precise measurement of the initiation energy of energetic materials in the range of discharge energies (from 25 μJ to 25 J) and voltage between 500V – 10 KV.

The X SPARK 10 operates in the two discharge regimes – Oscillating & Damping – for testing

the sensitivity to electrostatic spark (discharge) of various classes of energetic materials.

Several designs of the spark gap assemblies are possible; custom designs according to the

requirements of different standards or testing methods are available on request.


Electrostatic discharge is one of the most frequent and the least characterized causes of accidental explosions of energetic materials. Reliable data on the electrostatic spark sensitivity of

energetic materials is thus critical in their manufacture, quality control, explosives processing, loading, transportation, storage, demilitarization and research and development of the new explosive materials.


  • Compact design
  • Allows for the measurement of both the total spark energy and the energy that is presented in the spark gap and directly interacts with the sample
  • Useful for all types of energetic materials including crystalline/ granular high explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and as well primary explosives
  • Two testing modes for shock wave or thermal mechanism of initiation
  • Replaceable spark gaps
  • Gas tight protection cap for simple collection analysis of gaseous decomposition products
  • Several models of automatically operated testing stands for testing according to different international standards including stands with fixed distances of electrodes and stands with an approaching anode
  • External testing assemblies are designed for the testing of the larger amount of explosive samples up to 0,5 g of explosive
  • Wide variety of capacities in the capacitor bank for testing within wide ranges of energies at arbitrary energy levels


  • EN 13938-2 Explosives for civil uses – Propellants and rocket propellants – Part 2: Determination of resistance to electrostatic energy
  • STANAG 4490
  • MIL-STD-1751A Safety and Performance Tests for the Qualification of Explosives - Methods 1031, 1032 & 1033

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