CH100 Heat Storage Test Apparatus

CH100 Heat Storage Test Apparatus

The CH100™ (heat storage test) apparatus is used for the simple determination of the thermal stability of firearm and rocket propellants through the visual observation of decomposition gases evolved from the sample. The sample is subjected to long term isothermal heating.  The thermal stability is assessed by means of visual inspection. The  appearance of red fumes indicates the presence of decomposition gases (nitrogen oxides). The test temperature is usually set to 100°C. The typical sample mass is 10g and the with a testing period up to 7 days.


The CH100™ is useful for the determination of the thermal stability of both single-base and double-base firearms and rocket propellants during in-service surveillance, quality control in manufacture and demilitarization safety control. CH100-01 is well suited for comparing various batches of propellants, but comparisons of different types of compounds are not possible.

The CH100™ is simple,and reliable enough to be an independent complementary method to the vacuum stability test (STABIL VI®) or the high performance liquid chromatography apparatus (HPLC-OZM1220™).


The CH100™ consists of a heavy, aluminum heating block made of aluminum with 40 test tube holder holes. The test samples are placed into the heating block. The tubes are covered by a lid. The temperature of the block is administered by a control unit which is comprised of an operational controller and a limit controller. The limit controller operates an independent alarm circuit which halts the heating process if temperatures were to accidentally increase above specified safety limits. Calibrated mercury thermometers or calibrated digital thermometers may be used to correct and control the temperature of the heating block.

The CH100-01’s standard heavy, aluminum heating block can hold and measure up to 40 samples (with individual time exposures for each one).  Heating blocks with a different desired number of holes are available on request.


  • Safer operation--the aluminum heating block is much safer compared to a traditional reflux heating bath
  • High precision and accuracy of the heating block temperature
  • Customized heating blocks available upon request
  • Independent alarm circuit led by the limit controller eliminates prolonged accidental overheating


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