HPLC-OZM1220 High Performance Liquid Chromatography Apparatus

HPLC-OZM1220 High Performance Liquid Chromatography Apparatus

The HPLC-OZM1220 (High Performance Liquid Chromatography Apparatus) is used for the determination of the thermal stability and the chemical composition of energetic materials through the quantitative analysis of its constituents or decomposition byproducts using physical detection. The sample solution is first separated in an absorption analytical column. Then it passes through a detector. The HPLC-OZM1220 is designed for commercial use. It is optimized for the analysis of energetic materials-including robust run and data evaluation methods. One advantage of the HPLC-OZM1220 is it is a relatively simple procedure for testing of a wide range of explosives and their mixtures.



The HPLC-OZM1220 apparatus is mainly used for the chemical analysis of nitrocellulose based firearm propellants (single-base, double-base and triple-base), as well as double-base nitrocellulose rocket propellants. Additionally, the HPLC-OZM1220 is capable of determining the organic stabilizer content, decomposition products of the stabilizers and the plasticizer content all in a single run.

The remaining effectiveness of stabilizers in propellants  and its drop after artificial aging are two of the most important values defining chemical stability and thus the remaining service life of the nitrocellulose propellants. The HPLC-OZM1220 can be also used for the determination of plasticizer migration in rocket propellant grains, the antioxidant content in composite rocket propellants (defining their service life) and for the quantification of various constituents found in military or industrial high explosives.



The HPLC-OZM1220 follows the standard high performance liquid chromatography apparatus construction. It consists of various units stacked together according to desired testing needs. The HPLC-OZM1220 is equipped with solvent reservoirs, an degasser unit, a gradient mixing valve, a high-pressure pump, an sample injector, a switching valve, a pre-column (protection), an analytical column, an UV-VIS detector, a data acquisition unit and a waste collector.



  • Multipurpose analytical tool specially designed for the characterization of many forms of explosives
  • The OZM Research® unique, fast and simple Testing Method
  • Reliable results ensured by the use of robust methods
  • Fast operation and data evaluation
  • Low sample consumption



  • AOP-48, STANAG 4022, 4023, 4026, 4147, 4170, 4284, 4566, 4583

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