TST75(Thermal Stability Test) apparatus is used for the determination of the thermal stability of energetic materials by means of the detection of exothermic decomposition of the sample during isothermal heating. The 100g sample  is subjected to a long term (48 hours) isothermal heating at 75°C. Throughout this two day testing period the sample’s temperature and pressure are recorded and evaluated.


The TST75is used for the determination of the thermal stability of all types of propellants, explosives and dangerous substances in order to meet the criteria for safe handling and transportation. The TST75is also well suited for safety assessment and quality control tasks. The typical sample volume is 100 ml and testing period 48 hours.



The TST75instrument is comprised of an electric oven, a main unit, temperature sensors, pressure sensors and closed flat-bottomed glass tubes. The oven is ventilated and equipped with a temperature controller that maintains a homogeneous temperature field at the predefined temperature of 75 °C.

The glass test tubes (sample and reference materials) are place inside the oven.  The main unit records the temperature of the sample, the pressure inside and the temperature of the outer surface of the sample test tube as well as the temperature of the reference material. The oven is equipped with an independent alarm circuit to shut down the heater if the sample temperature increases 2°C above the oven temperature.  All measured temperatures are displayed, recorded continuously and may be transferred to a personal computer if desired. The TST75also records the maximum and minimum values of the oven temperature and the maximum temperature difference between samples and the reference material.

The TST75 testing process may be interrupted during the main phase before its completion. The TST75 automatically switches off the oven and engages the sample depressurization if there is an occurrence of any of the following conditions a blast or flame appears in the sample tube, temperature control failure the maximum temperature sample limit is exceeded by 2°C or the sample pressure limit exceeds 60 kPa.


  • Homogeneous oven temperature and long term stability
  • Explosive Resistant Glass Oven Window-allows for the safe observation of the sample
  • The TST75-01 delivers reliable results due to its larger sample quantity
  • Independent alarm circuit led by the limit controller eliminates prolonged accidental overheating
  • Bursting membranes on upper and rear side of the apparatus are available upon request
  • Measurement apparatus for the pressure inside the sample test tube are available upon request



  • UN Recommendation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria, United Nations, New York, 1999, Test 3 (c)
  • EN 13631-2:2002, Explosives for civil uses - High explosives - Part 2: Determination of Thermal Stability of Explosives

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