Qualification for Commercial Service

Qualification programs for commercial energetic materials (EM), such as those described in the European Union standard series of EN 13631 (for high explosives), EN 13938 (for gun and rocket propellants) or EN 13763 (for detonators and relays) are significantly less extensive than those for the military explosive materials, given a much shorter shelf life and a narrower range of environmental conditions for their use.

The testing programs include the determination of thermal stability (TST 75) and sensitivity to impact (BFH Series), friction (FSKM 10) and electrostatic spark (XSPARK 10).

Thermal Stability test TST75


Xspark 10​​​​​​​

Performance properties of high explosives are typically tested with detonation velocity measurements (VOD 815, OPTIMEX 64), sensitivity to initiation and transmission of detonation, along with water resistance and reliability at extreme temperatures, which can also be tested in laboratory detonation chambers or industrial detonation chambers.

Vod 815​​​​​​​

Optimex 64

Electro-Explosive Analyzer EDA can be effectively used for a number of standardized tests of electric detonators and squibs, such as the determination of the all-fire/no-fire currents, firing impulse or delay accuracy.

Detonation chamber​​​​​​​