Who we are

OZM Research is a knowledge-based company formed by experienced explosives scientists and engineers. The company’s core business model is to produce the best specialized testing instruments for the energetic and hazardous flammable materials using the latest technologies and to provide our clients the most comprehensive expert services for their applications.


Our services do not just end with the sale and delivery of the instruments. Our product managers are PhDs in explosives science and technology with decades of experience in development and applications of new testing methods and instruments in academic, industrial and military domestic and international projects. We offer our clients our expertise throughout the entire process — from selecting an instrumentation for a specific application, to its installation and training, to preparation of testing methodologies and their implementation at the client′s laboratory.


We offer not only standard testing equipment complying with the military or industrial standards as shown in this catalog. We often design tailored products meeting the client ‘s specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to challenge our engineers with a request for a new instrumentation if not finding the appropriate type in our catalog.


Since the company establishment in 1997, we have exported our products to more than 50 countries on all continents. Our major clients include military research & development centers, forensic institutes, international certification bodies, universities, explosives and ammunition manufacturers, nuclear power plants and other related industries. Our company is fully licensed for handling explosive materials and ammunition as well as for foreign trade with these materials.