ModLink is a shareware. In order to be allowed to use it after a 30 day shareware evaluation period, and to compile it into your own applications, you have to register (i.e. purchase a developer license).

Why register?

How do I register?

1. Online Registration

This option is not available at the moment. I apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

2. Offline Registration

If the online registration is not, for any reason, feasible, ModLink can also be registered offline by issuing a direct wire transfer to our company bank account. From the table below, please select an appropriate license type you would like to purchase: either a single developer license (one license per developer seat) or a site license for unlimited number of developers in your company.

License Type Price
Single Developer License EUR 249
Site License EUR 699

To register ModLink using this option, please contact me directly by e-mail and supply the following data:

  1. Your company name.
  2. Your company postal address including street, city, ZIP code, and country name.
  3. Your company VAT ID number (applicable only if your company is based within European Union and already had been assigned VAT ID number).
  4. Name of the contact person in your company.
  5. Contact person's telephone number, including the prefix for your country.
  6. License type you would like to purchase.
  7. Total number of licenses to be purchased (applicable only if requesting more than one single developer license).

Based on the supplied data, we will compose a proforma invoice and send it to you by e-mail along with all information necessary for issuing a bank wire transfer. As soon as the registration procedure is completed, you will be sent a license key by e-mail. That license key is actually a password which can be used to unlock the encrypted password-protected RAR archive containing the registered edition of ModLink.

Got problems with registration? Ask for support.