What my customers say about ModLink...

"Modlink is a solid written, well-documented, well-performing and easy to use set of components for the design, testing and maintenance of Modbus connections between PCs, PLCs, DCS and other systems in Delphi. I use Modlink for several years now and will certainly continue to do so in the future. A great product for a reasonable price with excellent performance."

Karel Cox
Head of Process Automation Department
Nyrstar Budel

"I just want to congratulate you on a superb product. I just wish every other Delphi component was as easy to use. The help file and examples are straightforward and to the point. I had a Modbus link up and running within a few hours."

Frank Spillane
Independent Software Consultant
ntsoftware (at) eircom (dot) net

"Hello Ivo, ModLink is very simple and intuitive so that it significantly accelerates development time and lets me concentrate on program logic and forget completely about the communication part. I just integrated ModLink in my application that monitors a solar photovoltaic device (24/7). It is excellent component library with comprehensive documentation."

Lorenzo Demarchi
Chief Executive Officer
Studio Demarchi

"ModLink has been one of the best software investments I have made. I always impress my co-workers with the quick and efficient way I can control devices that work with Modbus. All thanks to you and ModLink."

Gert Coetzee
Independent Software Consultant
South Africa

"Hi Ivo, I finished my current development project last week. One part of the project was a module for a data logging and visualization solution via Modbus for some attached measuring devices (UMG98s). Thanks to your handy components I could finish this part very quickly. Everything works great (it's a 24/7 environment) and our engineers are very pleased. Thanks a lot."

Martin Mittelmann
Software Developer
Grenzlandfärberei Geuting GmbH

"We use ModLink in a multi-threaded network management application that monitors a nation-wide Digital Microwave Radio Network in Australia. This application runs 24hrs/7days a week and currently supports approximately 800 microwave links organised into 4 concurrent networks each managed by a separate polling thread with its own instance of a TModbusClient and TModbusConnection component from the ModLink library. This application was written in 4 weeks from scratch and has now run flawlessly for several months. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that this was made possible in no small part by the excellent quality of the ModLink library and its components..."

Keith Willis
Electronics Engineer
New Projects Director
NetSoft Distributed Solutions Pty Ltd.

"Kudos to Ivo coming out with a great product in ModLink! It's one of the rare hardware interfacing components in Delphi that does what it claims well. He provides great support and is prompt in answering mails on the products. He constantly solicits feedback from users which shows that ModLink is constantly improving and under development. I have faced no major issues in a long deployed project with ModLink reading electrical metering information - it has worked reliably over the last 1 year in a production environment."

Ethan Lee
Software Consultant
Enworkz, Inc.

"ModLink is a solid and very easy to use Modbus interface library, I encountered absolutely no problems whilst using it. The documentation is concise, complete and well presented. Thanks to a comprehensive installation guide, setting the library up for use was without fuss. ModLink was chosen from 3 peer products that I had reviewed for the job at hand, and chose ModLink because it was far more compact than the other two products which both included superfluous functionality that I did not require. I would highly recommend ModLink for straightforward Modbus interfacing with Delphi."

Daz Azemoon
Software Engineer
Garrad Hassan & Partners, Ltd.
United Kingdom

"I have been assigned a task to improve our existing application with a support for data exchange between PC and hardware devices using Modbus communication protocol. I picked up several third party component libraries for the purpose of evaluation, but they turned out to be either unreliable or too far expensive for our budget. Finally, I came across the ModLink. I tested it thoroughly. It worked like a charm. I decided to buy it. That's it. It's reliable, well written native Delphi component suite which comes with the full source code at a very affordable price. It's very simple to use so the learning curve is really low. ModLink saved me at least 4 months of my work. Almost forgot to mention that the technical support provided by the author is simply great. Thanks a lot, Ivo!"

Svetoslav Enkov
Software Engineer
Sigmatron, Ltd.

"When there was a need to interface my PC with an industrial system communicating over a Modbus link, I tried several VCL components, OCXs and DLLs. ModLink is the easiest way to do this job under Delphi. You have to add just two components to your application. You don't need to program the software layer of Modbus, everything is done by the component. You don't need to have a M.Sc. in Modbus protocol, just to know a few elementary concepts that can be found on Modbus.org community site. The demo application is complete enough to let you easily interface with a Modbus system. As a conclusion, thanks a lot Ivo for your component."

Sébastien Guerreiro de Brito
Technical Manager

"ModLink does exactly what it says on the tin. Have no doubts, if you’re looking for affordable, robust and reliable Modbus communications for a Delphi application this is the one to buy. For a commercial project, ModLink costs less than spending half a day considering whether to buy it or not."

Mike Hicks
Control Systems Engineer
PCS Ltd.
United Kingdom

"We are delighted with the performance of the ModLink. The efficiency offered by the components coupled with the incomparable use easiness, helps us quickly deliver the highest quality products possible to our customers. Besides this, we can rely on the support provided by Ivo. ModLink was exactly what we needed. Congratulations, Ivo!"

Jeilson S. Vieira
Application Engineer
Kva Automação

"Till now I have only worked with the ModLink version 2.0. I have written a DLL for our measurement and controling system over which we communicate with other systems. We send the Setpoint Arrays over a Modbus link and get back the actual Value and Status Arrays. The work with the ModLink components is very easy, also the included demo application is just very useful to test the link and to learn how to incorporate the components into my application. Till now I had only programmed the Modbus client, but with the version 2.2 I would also like to implement the Modbus server. I hope that I will be able to implement it as easy and fast as I made my client."

Holger Rottmann
Software Engineer
LSC Process- und Laborsysteme GmbH

"ModLink components are very simple to use and work really nice. Also very important thing is a great author's support."

Vadim Tishkevich
Software Development Manager
Dimex Systems, Ltd.

"Design and development of supervision and control software systems is complex enough to waste the time by scheduling, designing and testing complicated communications protocols. ModLink saved us time and money by integrating Modbus protocol into our products in several minutes. Great product, amazing and really fast support, a right choice."

Ildefonso Martínez Marchena
Software Engineer

"I am new to the Modbus Protocol but have been able to quickly achieve good results on a large project due to the ease of development provided by the ModLink components. Thank you for a well engineered product."

Paul Szymanski
Software Engineer
Global Integrated Communications, LLC

"ModLink worked fine. It was really easy to include it into our application. We have been communicating with temperature controllers for some time now and everything is ok. It was a great time saving for us not to have to make the communication part by ourselves. Without ModLink it would not be so easy."

Riku Mattila
Laboratory manager
University of Oulu

"In 2003 I was looking for a Modbus client code for Delphi 6 and I found Ivo´s Modlink components. Besides their readable and well-documented source code, I think his full support was the most important matter for choosing his component."

Eduardo Souza Machado da Silva
Technical Manager
Reason Tecnologia S.A.

"ModLink is great, works first time and the demo application is a great diagnostic tool. It is so well written that it served as a Delphi tutorial for me. Thank you."

James T.
Design Engineer

"With ModLink I don't need to buy an expensive PCI card. I can just use a serial port on my Modbus device. ModLink is easy to use and saved me a lot of money. I am convinced that ModLink provides a solution for almost every Modbus connection."

Berry Geerts
Automation Engineer