Storage and Transport Classification

International treaties for the transport of dangerous goods reflected in the UN Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (“UN Orange Book”) define tests and their criteria for assuring minimum standards for safe storage, handling and shipping of explosive materials and articles. They also classify the substances and articles into specific hazard classes with different safety restrictions, which are directly reflected in higher or lower costs connected with their storage and transport.

Thermal Stability TST75​​​​​​​

FSKM 10​​​​​​​

Time pressure test​​​​​​​

The prescribed classification procedures include thermal stability (TST 75), sensitivity to impact (BFH Series), friction (FSKM 10), shock wave (various cap sensitivity and gap tests), bullet impact, confined heating (time - pressure test TPT Series, Koenen Test) and the specific energy of a substance (HPA 1500). Samples can be safely shipped to classification or round robin tests in our explosion-resistant containers effectively reducing their hazard division to convenient 1.4S class.

Koenen heat tester

HPA 1500

Storage Containers